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It's been 3 years since the Slackers have put out a significant batch of new original material and a lot has changed.  We have kept on touring and writing new tunes and spreading our sound.

But the music industry has gone through a big shift.  Traditional record labels and distributors have gone by the way side.

So what is left? We're going to go directly to you to get our music out. 

This summer we are doing a pre-sale fundraiser that will help us put together and manufacture the next waves of Slackers’ releases.

Hidden Camera "Bed is a Boat "

Whatevski, our digital label, and Big Tunes are helping us coordinate a huge campaign where we, the Slackers, try to get you exactly what you want from us.
We've got some new tunes, old tunes, vinyl, CDs, Downloads, a live DVD, a Slackers Lyrics Book, and custom recordings too.


The first part of our summer pre-sale centers around tunes we recorded at Vic Axelrod’s (aka Ticklah) studio in Brooklyn, NY.  We went down in the basement there and knocked out 6 tunes, 5 originals and 1 cover known collectively as ‘MY BED IS A BOAT’ EP. 

We are making these tunes available as a hand pressed 45 taking taken directly off the analog reels, as a collectible cd with hand crafted cases, and as an LP with the straight versions on one side, and dub versions on the other.
 (thanks Agent Jay!)
We also filmed a recent concert of us playing all our new material plus a series of requests and a couple classics with a cameo from trombonist Buford O’Sullivan of Easy Star fame.  


The second part of our Big Tunes Summer, centers around a repackaging of the Slackers’ classic from 2001, the Wasted Days album as a DOUBLE LP! Those of you who heard the it first time, should be aware that Wasted Days was originally released as one set of tunes on CD and an almost completely different set of tunes on LP.

So now for the reissue, or rather repackaging, we are putting all the songs onto 2 LPs!  So now you can hear for the first  time, the entire Wasted Days session on VINYL.


The third part of the summer of Big Tunes is a complete Slackers lyric book.  Ever wonder what it was that Vic was mumbling?  Now you can look it up and read along at a beautifully laid out book brimming with little pieces of Slackers’ memorabilia from 1991 to the present.(Thanks – Maury Lefkowitz)

The final part of the Slackers’ summer of big tunes is some custom vinyl and custom recordings.  The advantage of modern technology is that we can now make a unique recorded item for you.  It you want, for example, a 45 vinyl with ‘Married Girl’ on one side and ‘Come Back Baby’ on the other, you can now get it.  We can make you a one off 45.


In addition, as a special offer, you can have the Slackers record your tune! If you have a song and a want to hear what it sounds like with the Slackers singing it, the slackers playing it….send it our way as a demo, or a chart, and we'll get to work. Our only stipulation is in the terms of use.  You have to keep it free for the world to hear.  Share it all you want, anywhere, you just can't sell it.


So there you have it.  The Slackers’ summer of Big Tunes.  A lot of different ways to get the music you want, how you want it.  We hope you are as excited about this as we are.  

Enjoy your summer!

About The Slackers

The Slackers began back in 1991 in New York City. Since that time they have released 13 full length studio albums, 3 live albums, and numerous EPs, Singles, and Compilation tracks. They have also been legendary road warriors having played thousands of live shows in 34 different countries. The Slackers lineup is Vic Ruggiero - Vocals, Organ; Glen Pine - Vocals, Trombone; Marcus Geard - Bass; Jayson Nugent - Guitar; Ara Babajian - Drums; David Hillyard - Saxophones.
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  • $55
    Baba's New Bag

    Live DVD, CD, Limited Edition 45, Vinyl EP Includes music download.
  • $65
    Agent Jay's Vinyl Selector

    Live DVD, Limited Edition 45, Vinyl EP, Wasted Days Black Double LP Includes music download.
  • $100
    Marcus Geard's Watch Me Bassman!

    Live DVD, Limited Edition CD EP, Vinyl EP, Wasted Days Double LP, Lyrics Book Includes music download.
  • $150
    King Vic's

    Live DVD, Limited Edition CD EP, Vinyl EP, Wasted Days Colored, Lyrics Book - all signed by the band Includes music download.
  • $200
    Glen Pine Wants It All

    Live DVD, CD-EP, Limited Ed 45, Vinyl EP, Wasted Days Black, Wasted Days Color, Lyrics Book - all signed by the band Includes music download.
  • $300
    The Whole Nine Hillyards

    Live DVD, CD-EP, Limited Ed 45, Vinyl EP, Vinyl EP Test press, Wasted Days Black, Wasted Days Test Press, Wasted Days Color, Lyrics Book. All signed by band. Includes music download.
  • $10
    Digital Download Sampler

    New tunes, dubs, and more.
  • $15
    Limited Edition CD

    CD in custom made packaging featuring fold out 6 page booklet with woodcut style pictures each relating to songs on the EP Includes music download.
  • $18
    Vinyl EP

    Black vinyl with new tunes and matching dubs. Includes music download.
  • $30
    Wasted Days Black Double Vinyl

    Our classic re-envisioned as a double vinyl. One record is the CD version (which is very different from the original vinyl), and the other record. is the original vinyl version.
  • $33
    Wasted Days Colored Double Vinyl

    Our classic re-envisioned as a double vinyl. One record is the CD version (which is very different from the original vinyl), and the other record. is the original vinyl version.
  • $12
    Live DVD

    Recorded at the Slackers secret gig in NYC. Includes music download.
  • $35
    Lyric Book

    All the Slackers lyrics laid out in a beautiful book containing new and vintage artwork.
  • $500
    One Of A Kind Slackers Dubplate 45 Single

    Yes it's true. Make an "edition of 1" special dubplate Slackers' 45. You can pick any 2 songs from the Slackers catalog and we will press up exactly 1 45 rpm vinyl for you. We will also design you a special custom label for the 45. For example, put Married Girl on one side and Keep Him Away on the other. Or Sarah plus Have The Time. One of a kind. Just for you. We'll also send you the vinyl EP, Wasted Days, and the handcut 45.
  • $995
    Slackers Record Your Song

    We've been talking about this for some time. You send us your song and the Slackers will record their version of it. You can send us a demo recording or you can send us a lyrics sheet and chords. You send us the info and you get your own custom slackers version as a finished WAV file and as a custom 45.
  • $15
    Limited Edition Audiophile 45

    Handcut vinyl made directly from analog masters. Bed Is a Boat A side / Stereo B side Includes music download.
  • $400
    Whatevski Grab Bag

    Everything in The Whole Nine Hillyards plus a Whatevski Gold account (every release now and forever), a clear "The Question" vinyl, a "The Radio" test press, plus some interesting oddities we can get our hands on (maybe a rare half-bald "The Question" test press, or something mysterious from the Slackers storage space in Brooklyn). Includes music download.
  • $1,200
    Slackers Lifetime Supporter

    A lifetime ticket (with a +1) to any Slackers show anywhere on the planet. The Slackers will say hello from the stage, and you can hang out with the band as time permits. The only limitation is that the Slackers have to be headlining (no opening gigs, no festivals, etc) and that you specify your attendance in advance. Plus everything in The Whole Nine Hillyards! Super large! Includes music download.