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Sammy Kay

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We started working on the record in april of last year. I had met joe q, angel, tony, and the rest of the delirians maybe a year and a half earlier on my last run with the forthrights, and something just locked. Specially with joe. We both had this attitude. A hopeful attitude. I don't know. It just made sense, and we because buds. I was out on tour with the skatalites, delirians were support for a chunk of the tour. 

I called joe, thinking wed cut a tune or two, or three. Whatever. Nothing crazy, just an ep. He said he was game. I booked an extra week in la, and there we were. Guns blazing. Within minutes of finishing tracking the first song, love letters, i knew this was a match too good to be true.

If i was wayne and garth, I'd go weeedely wah weedely woo, but i'm not, so lets cut to the end of the summer. The place i was at, seemed at the time to not be the best place for me, and i packed up and went on tour, and at the end of tour, i'd be on a flight to california. The land of hopes and dreams. The land of joe, tony, angel, eric, juan, jose the kid, and the rest of the east los funky reggae crew.
Its the end of january, and with a deadline coming near, and the launch of the bigtunes campaign to fund the record, i have 25 tunes sitting in front of, multiple versions of some, and not including the 5 tunes we decided to cut today. Were just about done. A few more days, and we will have the completed record. Love letters.
I've been up and down, i've had hope and i've lost faith. But i'm here. Your here. We are here.

Yeah. Not gonna drop a rocky quote there, i feel already terrible for dropping the wayne's world reference earlier.
This is the ep. This is love letters. We've been working hard. Trying to produce the best sounding product we can, with our diy recording studio made of ductape and bubblegum.

Please support the campaign, we would love to see this record come out, sooner than later, as well as raise some funds to get the studio in tip top shape to get cracking on the next record, cause you know me. 

I can barely finish the first project before the 2nd pops up, or in this cas, the third, fourth , fifth, and the dreaded me and a guitar trying to be like bruce springsteen project.

My heart's not just on my sleeve, but the sleeve of every record.

ps. Its currently 5 am, and i don't give no cares about spell check or proper grammer.

Pps. Please by the record...

Ppps. Really, youll like it, i swear!

Production Notes


Sammy K.
Joe Quinones
Juan Cardenas
Chris Murray
Vic Ruggiero
Jose the Kid
Tony Medina
Eric Alvarez
Adolfo Mercado
Queen P
Nathan Ranking
David Hillyard
Mr. T-Bone
Angel Honeydripper
Scarlett Brais
Esteban Flores

Additional production by King Django at Version City Studio

Recorded at the Steady Rock Easy Groove Factory and throughout garages in east Los Angeles.

About Sammy Kay

Sprung from the suburban wasteland of NJ, exported to the concrete jungle of Brooklyn, and now drunk on LA sunshine comes the mess that is Sammy Kay. After spending his younger days on tour with Westbound Train, The Slackers, The Skatalites and many others, Sammy finally threw down the merch bin and picked up a guitar to pour his heart back into the scene he loves. Sammy brought the Rocksteady back to Brooklyn during his time with The Forthrights and is taking it one big step beyond with his new projects. With the help of the Fast Four on the East Coast and East Lost 3 on the West, Sammy is bridging the gap between Reggae, Soul, Ska and... more >
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