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The Slackers

Masters of Ska, Reggae, R&B, Soul, and Rock 'n Roll. Profile

The Question, originally released in 1998, captures our favorite NYC garage reggae champions at their earliest peak. This 70 minute masterpiece is about places, faces, and captures a time when the band nails their sound down so hard it changed the ska and rocksteady game altogether. Since the original pressing for this classic was only 250 copies, they're scarce, and expensive. This second pressing will be a near-duplicate of the original. Same artwork, same sleeves, and it's going to be pressed on the best materials we can get our hands on. There's a few different things to buy including a super-rare test press, as well as some stuff signed by the band. Enjoy!

Production Notes

Victor Ruggiero - Vocals, Piano, Organ & Percussion Marcus Geard - Bass T.J. Scanlon - Guitars Luis Zuluaga - Drums, Percussion Marq Lyn - Vocals David Hillyard  - Saxaphone Glen Pine - Trombone, Vocals Jeremy Mushlin - Trumpet, Vocals Additional Musicians: Larry McDonald - Percussion on Power, Alone Again, Manuel, Motor City, No More Crying, The Quesiton, The Question (Version). Paul Parkins - Toasting & Backing vocals on The Question, The Question (Version), Power & Motor City. Simon Chardiet - Guitar on the Mummy. David Hahn - Guitar on Motor City, The Question, Power & No More Crying. Glen Adams - The Voice of the Mummy & Organ on Mountainside. Matt Scanlon - Percussion on Yes It's True. Thankyou to: God & Everyone that knows who they are. And a special thanks to Skinny. Produced by Vic Ruggiero, Co-Produced & Engineered by Albert Caiati w/ assistantEngineer sister Grace Falconer.All songs are published by Relaxo Music/ BMI All songs are recorded at Coyote Studios in Brooklynby Albert Ciatl...Except for "knowing," Make me smile", and "No Love" which were recorded at Bloodclot studio in Los Angeles by T.J. Johnson. Mixed by Vic Ruggiero, Clive Chin, Albert Caiati, and Glen Adams. Mastered at West West Side Music by Vic Ruggiro and Alan Douches Photos by: Q-maxx 420, the wix, & Jessica Shokrian. Design & Layout by: Cris "the wix" Qualiana & Spencer. This record is dedicated to Tommy McCook and Dick Qualiana.Two men that were loved by many.

About The Slackers

"The Slackers are part of an imaginary universe. It wasn't their fault, well not completely. The caterpillar told them not to eat the mushroom on the right. But they did and for 15 yrs now they've had to play Imaginary-Jamaican-Rock-and-Roll, and try to explain that to everyone who passes. One asks,"Are you a reggae band?...where are your dreadlocks then?" Another says,"YOU DONT SOUND LIKE PUNK-ROCK WITH HORNS AT ALL!!" One elderly gent says,"Why it sounds like a lot of music I used to like, but I don't think any of you boys look addicted to HEROIN!" Doomed to try and explain themselves to a world full... more >
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