What it is

Big Tunes is a full service crowdfunding platform for artists, labels & management. Our technology, guided by A&R reps, take you through the entire process of getting your project funded, produced, manufactured, shipped, & digitally distributed.


We built the platform soon after a successful crowdfunding campaign. We raised a ton of dough to fund the production and manufacturing of a great record, and the bands and fans were all psyched. Big party.

Then came the hangover.

Fans needed love. The record had to be mastered. Then CDs and vinyl had to be manufactured. Then shipped to hundreds of supporters all over the world. On top of that, everyone who supported the project got a digital download.

To get all this done, we built a bit of technology in-house to help manage production, shipping, and downloads. After hearing from a bunch of other labels and artists that they had the same issues as us, we spun out what we had built into v1 of Big Tunes.

Boom. We are here for you.

Big Tunes is:
Tom Gibbons Founder / Managing Partner
Tom is founder of Big Tunes. He got into the music biz when he founded TuneBooks, the first company to publish digital liner notes on the iTunes Music Store. He also runs influential NYC garage-reggae label Whatevski Records.

Ezra Gale Production Director / Vinyl Guru
Ezra Gale has managed dozens of vinyl releases, both for his own bands Super Hi-Fi and Aphrodesia and for many others. He knows there's nothing quite like holding a black, shiny disc in your hand that has your music on it.

Crawford Norman A&R / Jackknife
Crawford began as an occasional design intern for Whatevski Records and is now with Big Tunes full time. If you're getting campaign advice over email, there's a 51% chance you're talking to Crawford.
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