Raise money with a pre-sale. Launch your record. Fund a tour. Shoot a video. your fans. It's crowdfunding for music, but better.

Big Tunes is a full-service platform for raising money & getting your music out there. Reward your fans with a presale & use the advance to fund your project.

Big Tunes will:

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Big Tunes is b2b savvy. If you're a big label, or digital music company, we can power a branded crowdfunding portal for you.

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    Grab some Snails merch and help them get on tour.
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What are Big Tunes fees like?
We take between 7-10% depending on the size and scope of the campaign. We're comparable to Kickstarter and other services, but Big Tunes provides every campaigner with A&R support from start to finish. Your rep will give you advice on everything from what rewards to offer, how to communicate with your fans and supporters, and how to best deliver when your campaign is successful.
Are there transaction fees?
We pass through the transaction fee (in this case PayPal) directly with no additional charges, usually around 3 or so percent. Kickstarter w/ Amazon Payments up-charge to 5-10% in some cases.
Big Tunes can handle shipping?
Yep. We collect shipping fees based on weights of the rewards when a supporter checks out.

If we fulfill your rewards, there's a nominal fee per shipment.

If you decide to fulfill rewards yourself, we include that money in the final payout. Kickstarter and Indie GoGo don't provide this option.

Big Tunes can handle manufacturing and digital downloads?
Yep. We can handle manufacturing of CDs and vinyl as well as digital downloads if you offer that as a reward.
Kickstarter only gives 30 days for the campaign. What about Big Tunes?
Our campaigns are 45 days long, but we aren't hard set at that number. Your A&R rep can give advice on what may work best for your campaign.
How do I get paid?
At the end of the successful campaign, we send you a check and provide reporting about supporters, fees, etc.
If I have an existing relationship with a vendor [screen printer / CD manufacturer / sticker or button manufacturer], can I use them in tandem with Big Tunes?
Absolutely. Big Tunes can handle your crowd funding, and you can use your funds to manufacture your rewards wherever you'd like.
If I have a CD or merch already produced, but still need to raise money to cover expenses, and/or I need to handle distribution, could I send Big Tunes what I have, and use the platform for fundraising/distro?
Yep. You can raise money for anything music related. And, if you've already made the record, we can handle distribution for a small fee.
If I'm a band with an existing indie label, can I still use Big Tunes? Would I need to put you guys in touch with the label?
It's up to you and your label to decide. You can work directly with us, or your A&R contact at Big Tunes can stay in touch with your label folks to develop a strategy for the campaign.
If I'm putting out a compilation of music that was done by other people, what sort of legal hurdles do I need to clear to use Big Tunes? Do you have special forms I need to fill out?
Up until manufacturing, it's up to your good faith. Upon manufacturing, you have to sign a form saying you either have rights to the tunes, or will compensate those who do.
If I have a really wild and crazy idea for a physical release (Vinyl with multi-gatefold die-cut embossed packaging! And holograms! And maybe some kind of decoder ring!), can you work with me to source the materials and handle production?
Yes. Our A&R team loves interesting projects!
How does payment work on Big Tunes if I manufacture rewards with Big Tunes?
We handle all payments to our manufacturers.
Can I track the progress of merchandise being manufactured through Big Tunes?
Yes. You can contact your A&R rep at any time for updates. And we encourage campaigners to share those updates with your supporters.
How does Big Tunes mail packages? USPS? FedEx? UPS? International?
In the US, we do media Mail with tracking. International goes first class.
Do I have any choice over how Big Tunes mails packages?
We're pretty psyched with the way USPS handles Media Mail now and will be sticking with it. That, and we did a poll and found out that supporters would rather give artists their dough instead of paying for expensive shipping
Does Big Tunes handle Customer Service for shipping and manufacturing?

We're here for you.

Every record and project is unique, and so is every campaign. Our technology is flexible, and we are ready for all of your ideas, plans, innovations, innoventions, magic, brainstorms, genius, and ingenuity.

If there's anything we haven't covered in the FAQ, or if you have a particular question or need, drop us a line, and one of our A&R reps will get back to you within 12 hours.

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